Kovis's main activity is the production of high quality products for the metal industry. Kovis has specialized in the production of parts for the railway industry, especially railway vehicles.

Brake discs, axle boxes and other special products for railway vehicles are produced from grey and ductile cast iron, which are casted in-house (Kovis-livarna d.o.o. / Foundry), as well as from steel where castings are imported from our reliable long-term suppliers.

Kovis guarantees the high quality of its products by regularly investing in new and modern machinery, technical know-how, and the education of its employees, as well as in the optimisation of the production process itself. Kovis relies on technical ideas and creative solutions to ensure the greatest possible customer satisfaction. The aim of Kovis is to remain a stable and flexible company with an emphasis on the satisfaction of its customers.

A name that guarantees top-grade technology in the compressed air sector. ALMiG has emerged from a company with a long tradition whose products in the compressed air industry have always stood for quality, innovation and consideration of its customers.

Today ALMiG is an extremely flexible company which can react fast to special customer requests. It stands by its customers as a competent partner, giving advice and practical support.

It goes without saying that as one of the leading suppliers of advanced compressed air systems, our commitment to continuous research and development forms the basis for all the plants we manufacture.

Aquafrisch Rail works in the rail industry since 1996 providing reliable solutions to the needs of railway workshops for the maintenance of rail vehicles.

The company offers a wide range of equipment manufactured in our own factory which is complemented by the distribution of equipment from our european commercial partners. This combination achieves a complete offer that includes high levels of quality and technological innovation while keeping high quality service standards ensured.

Aquafrisch has been certified ISO 9001 and practices a policy of quality as embodied in reliable products tailored to customer needs and services with optimal solutions that include consulting, operational reviews and safety, capability studies, engineering, training and after-sales maintenance.

Zwiehoff is one of the worldwide leading companies in the development and marketing of innovative road/rail vehicles. Their multipurpose vehicles for operation on road and rail are safe, efficient and durable solutions for your individual applications.

Zwiehoff minimize operation expenses and enhance reliability by the use of high-quality systems from the technology leaders.

Our vehicles - eco-friendly and easy to maintain – and the worldwide service network are the guarantors of your mobility.

Koltech is a company, specialized in the production of mechanical machines and devices for rail vehicle maintenance and repair facilities worldwide as well as in providing integrated services in implementation of advanced PLM systems as DASSAULT SYSTEMS Certified PLM Reseller and a partner of other engineering companies on the Polish market. Within the frame of this cooperation, we deliver the integrated services in the implementation of the advanced PLM systems including support and training courses.

During all years of our activity we have developed ourselves from a design office to a company supplying complete Customer-orientated solutions both in production of special machines and technological devices for rail transport maintenance and integrated services for complete implementation of PLM systems.

Our team, due to our joint Customer-focused vision, professional attitude to work, experience, skills and perfect inside and outside communication makes KOLTECH supplies products which are not only exactly tailored to Customer’s expectations and needs but are somehow unique from all other solutions.

Nencki Ltd. is a family owned Swiss company, competent in the manufacture of machinery and equipment mainly from steel including hydraulic systems and relevant controls for the following major business fields:

  • Railway technology (worldwide)
  • Plant technology (Europe)
  • Vehicle Technology (Switzerland)

Our performances are generated mostly by ourselves with our own distribution structures, engineering, production and after sales service. We work in most modern development surroundings and with the latest manufacturing facilities. Innovative products are created by using new technologies. Our production machines are under full capacity thanks to subcontracting for third parties.

Nencki Ltd. is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standards, is member of Swissrail Industry Association as well as SVUT Swiss Association for Environmental Technology.

Since 1994, Sirmu has been designing and building CNC vertical lathes and CNC horizontal deep holes drilling machines. The founding founders, boasting a rich know-how developed in previous experiences, made the technologic excellence the main goal of our company located in Rivanazzano Terme, province of Pavia, that shortly established itself on the global market as one of the most important machine tools builders thanks to a winning merger of quality-technology-flexibility.

Sirmu-mt machines are mainly employed in all those fields that require advanced production technology, i.e. energetic, nuclear and railway field and, more in general, the whole precision mechanics compartment gaining a remarkable share on the international market.

The GMT group is one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems in the field of anti-vibration technology.

We provide customer-specific innovative products and technological expertise to customers of all industry sectors, such as general engine & machine builders, railway vehicle industry and aircraft industry.

Bega Special Tools was founded in 1978. Bega is manufacturer and distributor of Special Tools for safe, cost effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. The tools are used in production and maintenance departments in MRO and OEM companies. Bega exports to over 60 countries and serves all types of industries. With special solutions in for instance Wind, Rail, Mining and Steel industry.

With our Special Tools we aim to improve the quality of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines, thus obtaining a longer lifespan.

The ANTONICS is one of the leading developer and producer of high sophisticated antenna systems. Based on latest technologies Antonics designs and manufactures antenna solutions for professional use at the Velten location near Berlin. The product portfolio is looking especially through planar antennas with an essential orientation to mobile system solutions and also stationary mobile communications technologies.

As a manufacturer of the train antenna and train radio system of the brand OmniPlanar & OmPLECS is the ANTONICS one of the leading innovative supplier in the rail sector for train antennas. The advantage of ANTONICS products are laying essentially in the high capability, extreme miniaturazation, multifunctionality, integrability to systems and therefore with managing the requirements for solutions in new areas.

First established in 1985, Frenoplast manufactures friction materials and products mainly for the rail industry but also for break systems used in other sectors. The company uses its own technology in the field of asbestos-free, environmentally friendly friction material.

For the past twenty years, Frenoplast’s products have been used by Polish railways in their Inter and Eurocity trains. The acceptance of Frenoplast into the International Union of Railways has given it the opportunity to further compete in other markets by allowing them to provide their break pads for markets with traffic of up to 200 km/h. This has given it the opportunity to export its products and to compete with companies in France, Germany, England and Italy.

Frenoplast’s mission concentrates in creating innovative products that positions them among the top European manufacturers of disc break pads and composite shoes for railways.

Siendo una empresa de familia, IME-Autolift cuenta con más de 30 años de experiencia en elevación. "Alto, más alto, más alto" es su consigna. La empresa se concentra en la planificación, el desarrollo y la producción interna de sistemas de elevación ferrocarril de alta calidad que se hacen específicamente para cada cliente.

IME-Autolift también crea su propio software de código abierto y componentes para su control PLC, dando a los clientes la posibilidad de acceder al software e implementar cambios en el sistema ellos mismos. Su portafolio consta de sistemas móviles de elevación, sistemas bajo suelo, soluciones Bogie con platos giratorios, y dispositivos de elevación-torneado. Lo cual los hace un proveedor de soluciones completas a la industria ferroviaria.

Con más de 200 proyectos en todo el mundo, referencias de la mayoría de OEMs de material rodante y una red global de ventas y servicios, IME-Autolift es un socio confiable para todas las áreas de elevación de ferrocarril.

A specialist in straightening machines and wheel set presses, MAE is a manufacturer of innovative machines for various sectors - including rail technology, tool manufacturing, and the automotive industry. MAE has been developing successful products from ideas since 1931.

MAE has developed increasingly over the last few decades from a manufacturer of standard hydraulic presses into a specialist for selected niche markets. As a medium-sized company, they have already won an maintained a market-leading position with products in the fields of straightening machines, hydraulic presses, and assembly machines.

Their philosophy is to develop the best solution for their customers in every respect. In addition to high quality products, this also means expert advice and reliable service.

IRMIE Impianti is an engineering and plant construction company present worldwide, at the forefront in design, production and installation of systems for the rail industry and plant engineering in general.

An agile organisation and cutting edge technical tools enable the company to produce a variety of turnkey systems by means of:

  • CAD design systems
  • Project management and execution of all phases
  • Research and application of cutting edge technologies

Our company has always been committed to pursuing developments in the rail and electrical sectors.

Precision of results, attention to safety and technological innovation have always been our reference points.

With every technological advancement trains are moving faster and have longer travel distances on the rails. In order to cope with the growing requirements, train vehicles and rails must form a cohesive unit.

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly for, BIP-Industrietechnik GmbH has been focusing on the development, testing and installation of individual assessment and measuring devices for more than 20 years. Whether ultrasound, optical measurement or cleaning of wheel sets - BIP-Industrietechnik GmbH offers know-how, experience and individual consulting from one single source.

TEKA is one of the leading companies in Germany that produces and sells suction (extraction) and air filtration units. The focus of the company that was founded in 1995 is on economic efficiency, innovation and high quality. The suction and filter devices are mainly produced for the business community and the industrial sector.

For a clean and purified air at the work space is especially in companies with a high pollutant emission and specific health conditions of great importance. So the TEKA systems are mainly used in the metal, electrical and printing industry as well as in medical and dental technology, and ensure a flawless production process. In addition, the suction and filter devices of TEKA promote the health of the workers which in turn contributes to the production success of the companies

DResearch is a company based in Berlin, Germany, with more than 20 years of experience, over 600 customers worldwide, and connections to over 50 partners around the world. They specialise in hardware and software design and development, system integration, interface development, consulting and project management for mobile transport applications. They develop systems that help with surveillance, people counting, analysis and diagnostics, system integration, topology detection, rear view mirror systems and fleet management


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