Removal and Installation of tapered Roller Bearings, Railway Bearings (TBU / SP / Tarol Bearing Sets), Wheels, Wheel Rings, Labyrinth Rings, Inner Rings (NU-NJ Bearing Rings), Axle Boxes, Brake Discs.

Removal and installation made easy with the BETEX Bearing Puller-Pusher

The right equipment to remove or install tapered roller bearings!

For example TBU / SP / Tarol bearing sets. This damage-free solu- tion makes re-use a real possibility.

  • Mobile and easy to use by one person
  • Pulling (dismantling) capacity adjustable to max.100 tons
  • Pushing (mounting) capacity adjustable to max. 68 tons
  • Suitable for locomotives, passenger and freight cars

BETEX HXPM 100 ton puller, for removing train wheels

With arms spreading to a maximum of 1500mm and a maximum shaft length of 1225mm, this is the perfect tool for removing heavy components such as train wheels, gear wheels, axle boxes, brake discs, etc.

  • Mobil
  • Self-centering arms ensure safety
  • Adjustable from 3- to 2-arm puller
  • Adjustable claws

BETEX MF Quick-heater for removal & installation of labyrinth rings, NU, NJ bearing rings

Middle frequency induction heating is a safe and effective heating method, which improves the quality of installation or maintenance of rolling stock. This method saves a lot of time, compared to conventional methods like blow torches, heating rings, “home-made” pullers etc.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Clean and safe
  • No water cooling necessary
  • Temperature control
  • Fixed and flexible inductors
  • Energy efficient

Mounting gear wheels and bearings with BETEX 40 RSD/RMD TURBO induction heater

With practical swivel arm for easy handling. This powerful, yet compact mobile heater heats gears and bearings weighing up to ± 350 kg. Ideal in workshops for assembling components with min. bore Ø 30 mm.

Low frequency induction heating ensures quick, even heating, with no loss of original lubrication or other disadvantages caused by traditional heating methods.


  • for heating train wheel rings
  • max. temperature: 240 °C
  • time used to heat this wheel ring: 16 minutes
  • time and energy efficient


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